The diverse global village

For over a hundred years, the film scene has been dominated by the global Northern cinema, the norm, while other film expressions have had an "ethnographic" angle. This has changed gradually, especially with the introduction of a new, globalized context: "mediascape". Created by Arjun Appadurai, the concept summarizes both the media itself and the world they create. Mediascape, as a concept, points to the importance of our visual environment, while at the same time emphasizing the fluid and fragmented nature of all cultures as they are thrown into the global template flow.

The climate crisis has made it clear that we – all people in the world – are in the same boat and must solve the problems together. But the growing European opposition to refugees crossing the Mediterranean to Europe indicates that even the continent, once a proud multicultural bastion, is forgetting the importance of and respect for cultural diversity. It is therefore important to understand that our global world is a patchwork of a multitude of different cultures – fluid, multifaceted and diverse – and that film expression is a part. . .

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