The misunderstood revolution

Iran Rising. The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic
Forfatter: Amin Saikal
Forlag: Princeton University Press (USA)
IRAN / Solidly argued status of Iranian state 40 years after the fall of the Shah.


The Iranian revolution got off to a bad start. Already the following year, the 22. September 1980, Iraq's then dictator Saddam Hussein launched a large-scale attack on neighboring countries. On the one hand, he feared that Iranian Shi'ite Islamism would spread, and therefore he wanted to make a brief process of Ayatollah Khomeini's rule in Tehran, and partly he wanted Iraq to replace Iran as the regional superpower after the fall of the Shah.

As you know, it did not succeed. Instead, the two countries were thrown into a military gloom, which lasted eight grueling years. Iran lost half a million men on the battlefield while the war swallowed between 60 and 70 percent of the state budget.

Added to this was the so-called hostage crisis, in which militant Iranians. . .

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