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The Norwegian ideal state

FUTURE: From 2017 to 2019, we traveled around the country in the artist group Alt Går Bra to learn about the Norwegian population's visions for the society of the future. The second most popular theme was climate and sustainability (ten percent). Three percent answered freedom, according to technology optimism, education and the importance of roots. For the vast majority, a completely different factor was most important.

With author Branko Boero Imwinkelried

Bergen, August 2019: We are present at the Bergen Business Council's breakfast meeting, where the consulting company Rambøll presents its report Better cities. As background material for the report, there is a survey among the city's residents about what makes the city attractive to live in. According to Rambøll, people are primarily concerned with security against crime, clean air, good job opportunities and access to housing at a reasonable price.

We are invited to participate in the meeting with the art project The Norwegian ideal state , where we talk to people about their dreams and visions for. . .

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Agnes Nedregård
Leader of the project "AltGårBra".

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