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The new right wing's historical development and network

Fascists in sheep's clothing? The identitarian movement, the New Right and right-wing radicalism in the 21st century
Forfatter: Mathias Hee Pedersen
Forlag: Baggrund (Danmark)
FASCISM / In his extensive studies, Hee Pedersen has mapped the political currents of the right wing with a focus on ethnicity and brought them into a historical context

In the American satirical science fiction film Don't look Up (2021), scientists have discovered a larger celestial body, which is heading towards our Earth. The researchers are alarming the public and the politicians. But the authorities and the population cannot maintain a focus on the life-threatening event.

The film's barely concealed parallel to the international community's handling of climate change can probably also apply to other risks, where the consequences are not seriously triggered within a short time.

Climate and biodiversity top the list of global risks.

Using traditional analysis methods, the Global Risk Report 2022 provided background material for the global Establishment's traditional annual conference in the World Economic Forum in Davos. Once again, climate and biodiversity top the list of global risks. And now also with the pandemic among the top-ranked risks.

But even if the report identifies the risk of eroding the cohesion of society, the danger of the spread of Det Nye Højre's authoritarian forms of governance – including ethnic marginalization or cleansing – is not mentioned.

Right-wing radicalism

The examples are otherwise legion. . .

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