Minority groups have often been persecuted and annihilated. In Germany, gypsies and Jews were subjected to mass murder. In Latin America, human hunting of the Indians is practiced today.
The methods may vary from one country to another, in France e.g. one tries to stifle the culture and language of Brittany by banning it in school and administration. In the same position is Sami in the Nordic countries. The funds in different countries can be massacred or covert assimilation, but the goal is the same: to eradicate people as an ethnic group.

In the Sami settlements, efforts are now being made to build military facilities and increase military personnel, to import workers to mining facilities, the county is constantly creating new positions to plan where the Sami will live, and the school is taking new steps to research the Sami.

Every day you can hear Norwegian administrators, from typists to department heads at county level, make "funny" jokes about the Sami's lack. . .

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