Minority groups have often been persecuted and annihilated. In Germany, gypsies and Jews were subjected to mass murder. In Latin America, human hunting of the Indians is practiced today.
The methods may vary from one country to another, in France e.g. one tries to stifle the culture and language of Brittany by banning it in school and administration. In the same position is Sami in the Nordic countries. The funds in different countries can be massacred or covert assimilation, but the goal is the same: to eradicate people as an ethnic group.

In the Sami settlements, efforts are now being made to build military facilities and increase military personnel, to import workers to mining facilities, the county is constantly creating new positions to plan where the Sami will live, and the school is taking new steps to research the Sami.

On a daily basis, Norwegian administrators, from typists to county administrators at county level, can hear "funny" jokes about the Sami's lack of Norwegian knowledge. The purpose of the Norwegian "intelligentsia" is clear: Indoctrinate that the Sámi's poor Norwegian knowledge indicates that the Sámi are poorly gifted and civilized.

At a time when the central government seems to think that the Sami is getting better financially and socially, Det Norske Samlaget publishes an Orion book titled Nordic neo-colonialism, ed. by Lina Homme. There are five posts that form a whole and show the faulty line of Norwegian Sami policy. One line the authorities still follow.

The Swedish Sami Ombudsman, Tomas Cramer, draws on the historical background of the Sami's claimed and legal rights to land and water. In a factual and convincing way, he documents that the Nordic countries have annexed the lands of the Sami and deprived them of their rights.

Prof. Vilhelm Aubert is based on The Kautokeino rebellion in 1852 and how the Norwegian rulers with iron hand broke down the uprising.

The problem of culture, the problem of poverty and the problem of powerlessness are the three points Prof. Aubert discusses in depth. And he warns against solutions based on that population (which many politicians strive for). Such thoughts are, in fact, the old hard line of research in new disguise.

While mag.art. Anton Hoem addresses school issues, Assistant Professor Nils Jernsletten addresses the cultural issue and the identity problem. The Iron plain meets the various groups who want full assimilation and downplay the Sami culture. In a masterful way, he crumbles their arguments.

After commissioning by the Ministry of Church and Education in 1964/65, Hoem conducted a survey on the Sámi schooling. The survey reveals a completely unsuccessful educational offer for Sami children. Lately, some improvements have been made, but they are reaching almost all Sami children. Hoem's investigation is still marked "confidential, perhaps so that this will not become widely known among the Sami. The Norwegian language education for Sami-speaking children is based on Norwegian mother-tongue teaching, with the result that Sami-speaking children do not reach knowledge corresponding to the minimum plan's minimum requirement for the small school during their schooling, and the knowledge gap between Sami-speaking pupils and Norwegian-speaking pupils increases the more years they are in school.

The posts to the four it confirms the university scholarship mag.art. Per Otnes states, that the Sami live under the same conditions and have the same status as is common for people in overseas colonies, the only difference being that the Norwegian authorities deny the fact.

The book should be read by people who decide questions about the Sami, ie the municipal authorities, employees of the county administration and ministry people. All important decisions regarding the Sami are taken by them, because the elected bodies do not work here with us. 

Classes of this book should be found at the so-called Sami folk high school and high school with Sami.

"Nordic neo-colonialism" is arguably the best contemporary book on Sami issues, but of course it does not prevent anything better from coming.

By Odd Mathis Exit

Lina Homme. Orion debate
The Norwegian Society

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