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The Soviet architecture

Architecture in Global Socialism. Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East in the Cold War
Forfatter: Lukasz Stanek
Forlag: Princeton University Press (USA)
DIPLOMACY / The Soviet Union and the Eastern European satellite states gained influence in the world through a so-called gift diplomacy that spawned strings of architectural beauties. By Hans Henrik Fafner

Up through the 1950s, there were big plans for the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. At the beginning of the decade, oil revenues grew considerably. There was money to do well with, which was invested in the future. Agriculture was able to raise production, new roads were built, and the extensive destruction was secured when the Tigris River crossed its banks.


The capital Baghdad should have . . .

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Hans Henrik Fafner
Fafner is a regular critic in Ny Tid. Residing in Tel Aviv.

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