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The unproductive attention

What sets the artist apart from what we usually understand as the worker? Yes – the artist can be unproductive when she works.

C'est quoi ce travail?
Directed by: Luc Joulé and Sébastien Jousse
photo: Sébastien Jousse

According to a modern understanding, the artist is one who gladly makes us stop and relate to the surroundings in an "unproductive" way. The artist is one that changes our habitual attention, revealing a former "imperfection" in the world. This is often what you aim for when you talk about the usefulness of art not to be useful: It asks us to stop, watch, and play with the world, without it benefit us it. The artist is such a thing as not lubricates society's production machinery, but the one who throws the play's unproductive cutting edge over it.
Several filmmakers have stopped at the production plant and watched it with their eyes. Charlie Chaplin was one: Whether it was Hitler and the rise of fascism, or the modern mechanization of life, Chaplin was an artist who stopped to warn us of a development that would lead us to an earthly hell. Chaplins Modern times (1936) is just another, more popular stop sign than Marx '. . .

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