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The Norwegian Indian War

Balanced and extremely exciting about the participation of Norwegians in the war against the Sioux Indians in the 1860s.


In childhood, most people have played Indians and cowboys, but few Norwegians know that Norwegian emigrants were active in the Native American wars. In Karl Jakob Skarstein's book The war against the Sioux we can follow the fate of many of these Norwegians who took part in the fight against the Sioux Indians. The Sioux erupted in revolt in 1862, and the war lasted until 1863. Since these were areas where many Norwegians and other Scandinavians had settled, they were severely affected by the rebellion.

Balanced vision

The American Civil War takes place in the background of the events in this book. This war is constantly affecting the efforts of the northern states in the war against the Sioux. The book distinguishes between portraying the events from a bird's-eye perspective, where we are explained what happens, to a personal perspective where we get to read eyewitness accounts of those who participated in the events.

These stories have existed in village books and newspapers, especially in the Norwegian-language newspapers that existed in Minnesota. . .

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