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The big conversation

In the book Restless Anne K. Bang writes about her restless travels, where she gets on the trail of conversations about the world going on without us in the West understanding what is being said. In this edited excerpt from the book, she explains in more detail the unknown conversation.


Sometimes I listen to conversations when I travel. They take place all over the world, on street corners, around TV screens in Arab countries, over low cafe tables in Hanoi, at railway stations in China where thousands of people are apparently waiting for the same train. What I hear are fragments of The Great Conversation – the one that takes place when the world talks together. Opinions are exchanged, the world is formulated, time is explained. In our time, there is an important characteristic of this conversation: In the Great Conversation, the world is talked about, while neither Europe nor the United States is present.

Not as a conversation partner. No. . .

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