Without a thread Bjørneboe

Despite the pornography

Sigurd Evensmo about Bjørneboes Without a Thread. Orientering No. 37, 1966

E-mail: abo@nytid.no
Published: October 6, 2020

When the police arrest a book, perhaps to have it sentenced to life in prison, the protests come spontaneously and forcefully, and it is a matter of healthy public opinion. Very few have read the book, but it is not the product in question that is the main issue for most Protestants. It lies in the struggle for a precious principle; freedom of expression in Norway, and people's right to decide for themselves about their reading.

But because the interventions are now aimed exclusively at "fornication" books, there is an obvious risk that the protest movement will be burdened with a confusing mix of principles and pornography.

No book becomes valuable just because it is burned or…

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