The dirty work

Surrogate Humanity. Race, Robots, and the Politics of Technological Futures
TECHNOLIBERALISM: Here are discussions on everything from the robotisation of manual labor over so-called sharing economy to artificial intelligence, automated warfare and technological emotion and sex work.

The last time I landed at Copenhagen Airport and stood and stoned, while the luggage was waiting for me, I completely fell in love with this advertisement: "If your toilet was online, it could tell that there was no more toilet paper."

One really has to wonder how stupid it can be when it has to be smart. If I was in the toilet and took the last roll, I could tell myself that soon there was no more toilet paper. And if the toilet was really online, I honestly think I would find another place to visit. What else could it not tell? And to whom?

But apparently there is someone who will go very far – all the way into cyberspace if necessary – to avoid having to deal with profane tasks such as obtaining toilet paper. Or: It has always been there. They have hired servants if they had ... money for that kind, and my class prejudice indicates that it is actually only people who have money for the kind who get the crazy idea.

"Technology liberalism blurs the unequal racial and gendered working conditions."

In our blessed time, those people can avoid having to deal with the fact that it is actually other people who are doing the work they themselves feel. . .

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