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"It is 'you whites' who have created 'us blacks'"

Penser et écrire l'Afrique aujourd'hui Seuil
Forfatter: Alain Mabanckou (redaktør)
Forlag: (Frankrike)
AFRICAN FAITH FOR THE FUTURE / "It is false to strive for justice 'at home' if you are constantly exploiting 'over there'," writes one of the contributors in a new anthology about Africa.

53 year old Alain Mabanckou was born and raised in Congo-Brazzaville (officially the Republic of Congo), or Little Congo, which is said to separate it from neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). For the past 30 years, Alain Mabanckou has lived alternately in France and the United States. The most recent 15 most in the United States, where he is professor of creative writing and French-language literature at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Mabanckou writes in French, teaches in English and receives awards for his books in both languages. But he often makes a point of never being a professor of France; there one is still too concerned about keeping people from their former colonies down.

When Mabanckou visited the Kapittel Literature Festival in Stavanger in September, it was not long since he had completed an honorable one-year professorship at the Collège de France. But as he said: “When the Collège de France was created in 1530, France was preoccupied with Africans as slaves, now treaters. . .

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Ketil Fred Hansen
Hansen is a professor of social sciences at UiS and a regular reviewer at Ny Tid.

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