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- There is no contradiction between the peace movement, the Home Defense or the Defense

MODERN TIMES is on the scene, asking Home Guard soldiers who participated in the Trident Juncture exercise in Central Norway recently, why they joined the military and their relationship with war.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

A crow flies away from the military helicopter flying low through the village. A dog listens attentively, nor is it used to a motor clock right across the house. Three horses grazing on a ground begin to run while violent sounds in the air above them breathe in their necks.
I am in central Norway during NATO Trident Juncture. In the airspace over the animals that are disturbed in what is otherwise a peaceful pasture area, military tactics are now practiced with helicopters such as Danish NH90, Norwegian Bell 412 and US CH-53 and AH-64 Apache.
In October and November, NATO has conducted the largest military exercise in Norway since the 1980 years, where one of the goals is to train to receive Allied forces if Norway needs to be defended. Of just over 50 000 soldiers from 31 countries, the United States with its 14 000 soldiers had the greatest strength in Trident Juncture. Norway posed with 10 800 soldiers.

Builds bridge

'I have chosen this profession, but what are the consequences?' Martin Borg

Thirty miles south of the extensive helicopter traffic in the air is Telneset, a hamlet in Tynset. . .

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