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The fascist paradox

Truls Øhra
Truls Øhra
Truls Øhra is the author. See review of his book The history of power in MODERN TIMES.
USA / Did the poor, as a result of the American political system, have no choice but to ally with the oligarchs who created them in the first place?


Joe Biden emerged victorious from the duel with Donald Trump. We call it a choice of destiny. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But victory is nothing to cheer for. The truth is that almost half of this record high electorate supports Trump with all his lies and all his anti-democratic outcomes because he, of all people, has given them, the white underclass, which under Nixon and Reagan liked to describe themselves as the silent majority, an overriding voice in American politics.

This should come as no surprise: political powerlessness has caused the centralization of power and money in fewer and fewer hands throughout the Western world, and the new poverty it brings now, as a direct consequence of this political decay fascism, rises to the ideology of the poor masses.

The fascist ideology not only violates the principles underlying civil society, it recreates the struggle for existence and gives the lost man the right to legitimize his place in the world by force – as in Germany in the interwar period.

And because democracy itself has created the material poverty fascism feeds on, the enemy in this new game of power becomes all those who have profited from it – the democrats themselves.

Normally, such a proletarian uprising would embrace the social democratic values ​​that form the basis of the collective unity of our democracy, but because the Democrats in the United States themselves have rejected such renewal throughout the post-war period, to finally reject Bernie Sander's warning here! twice in a row, showing the back of the poor masses' cry for justice.

The victims that are the result of the political system therefore have no choice but to ally with the oligarchs who initially created them, in order to take control of the democratic institutions with capital behind them.

Lying game

The anti-democracy movement in the United States is characterized by its religious framework. In exchange for God's blessing, the chosen orthodox crusade leads the apostate and sinful Democrats with the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets as a reference to the Day of Judgment.

When they in our rational world call on God, it is because he gives them the right to stand above the democratic whole with a higher form of morality. And it does not matter if the religious game is never so sick and superstitious. The rational understanding of justice on which the democracy is based is, in their eyes, false because the justice the Democrats boast of defending, in fact, does not hold water. The number of the poor is proof of faith. There is no greater truth.

The democratic reality we, who support the system, relate to, correspondingly loses its credibility as the injustice in society only grows and grows.

This is how the fascist paradox arises. The truth vi relates to us because it has given US freedom and welfare vi demands, is for all those who pay the price for our freedom, that is not like that. On the contrary, it is the image of a lying game with their lives at stake. A game they have lost, with the natural consequence that the political apparatus that is ruining their lives has made their ballot papers worthless. Therefore, they must govern democracy to get the share of the benefits they are entitled to.

Ideal unfulfilled promises

Everyone is more or less shocked that Trump and the anti-democratic people who support him can lie to the world right in the face. To understand that, we must look at the nature of things.

As a physical object, an apple is always an apple. But the moment it is politicized, nature changes. For example, if you promised an apple without keeping your word, the promised apple becomes a symbol of your dishonesty. As a symbol of this betrayal, the apple then becomes false, since you do not keep what you promise. Morally, the apple loses its physical existence because you deceive your neighbor.

When CNN, to explain to us what real fake news is, shows us a picture of an apple and writes that an apple is an apple, no matter what Trump may say and think about it, Trump replies that it is CNN that is not telling the truth. . In his eyes, it is an ideal apple they show, a promised apple that disappeared on the road, in other words an apple someone was cheated on – that is, an apple that is not true. In short, since the promise of an apple to everyone is not fulfilled, the apple CNN loses shows, its true nature and becomes false.

And since the series of ideal unfulfilled promises of goods no one has seen has become endless for the newly poor masses CNN does not include in its calculation, the political reality CNN builds its democratic understanding of reality on, collapses. This is how Trump can turn morale upside down with the accusation that they are spreading false news.

The number of the poor is proof of faith. There is no greater truth.

The void created by this moral-political collapse, in turn, fills the anti-Democrats with prejudices which, to them, though never so untrue, appear to be true because they legitimize the demand that the promise of the apple should now truly be fulfilled – the political precondition for reality to become whole.

For that is the case – only when this promise of true justice is fulfilled, the ideal apple becomes itself again by virtue of the fact that justice reaches all.

When Trump still claims that the election was rigged, he is not talking about the real count that has long shown us that Biden won, but about the democratic system that for the last thirty years has used the majority to deprive the American masses of the dream of a decent life. This is how he gets moral right in line with the biblical nature of fascism: Democracy is rotten because it launders injustice with ballot papers.

The question at the end of election day is whether Biden has won without understanding that he has participated in the wrong race. For if he is to save America, he must first and foremost save all those who did not vote for him. If he does not succeed, the anti-democratic uprising will only grow. Then no one will be able to stop fascism – neither in the United States nor elsewhere.

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