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The photographic meeting

"I'm not looking for any documentary look – I'd rather blend in with the reality of the people I'm portraying. It is in the meeting between me and them, where the boundary between fiction and documentary is unclear, that I can create something honest, ”says Hilde Honerud.

Hilde Honerud and Jon Hovland: Exercises in Norwegian. Crossing Publishers, 2016

On the occasion of the book Exercises in Norwegian by visual artist Hilde Honerud and sociologist Jon Hovland, Ny Tid has talked to Hilde about portrait photography.

Girl: I think photography can be a way to distance yourself from something, to put something in perspective, so that you can observe, analyze and try to understand something. Portrait photography can be a way of looking at "the others" – at the same time it can help us identify with them and get closer. What creates compassion, and what contributes to alienation?

Screen Shot at 2016 05-11-11.49.24Hilde: When I work on projects, I always try to find a point that allows for something in common. I experience that the more downward and undramatic I am in the expression, the closer I get to the person watching. Contrary to the news, which tells what to think, I hope my projects can create one. . .

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