Liberal democracy is screwed together so that the whole idea is self-destructive

Democracy is in retreat. In the 1970, many saw democracy as the hope and common future of humanity. It was still alive in the post-war belief that armed conflicts could soon be written into history books, and although the Cold War was still a reality, democracy stood as a guarantor that all disputes would be resolved.

It was, of course, an illusion, which has confirmed itself, especially in recent decades. Emerging democracies such as Turkey and Venezuela seem to be going the other way again, and in China, as many expected, Western democracy would take, a fusion of communist ideology and neo-liberalist economics has so far been achieved. Nor does the West behave as expected. Over the past decades, we have seen a number of trends that are perceived as anti-democratic. In the EU, Hungary and Poland have been met with raised index fingers; Alternative für Deutschland and France's Marine le Pen have totalitarian models; and there is good reason to doubt Donald Trump's democratic mindset.

The problem lies in part in the fact that we often understand democracy as such. . .

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