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The deadly Euratom directive!


Christer Gulbrandsen, who calls himself the holder of a master's degree in political science, had a post in Ny Tid on October 14 under the title «Lammer Lem nei-ligaen». There he tries to ridicule Tine Larsen and Gullbjørg Røisli's informative posts. It would be natural to assume that someone with such a pretentious title can at least read a directive.

EU Directive 96/29 (Section 4, Article 6) clearly allows radioactive waste to be mixed into consumer goods. Due to the EEA agreement, Norway cannot refuse to import these radioactive consumables.

"New regulations in radiation protection legislation" were sent out for consultation without the directive being attached. The Storting incorporated the directive into the Norwegian legal text on 11 April 2000, without any Storting representative. . .

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