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Destructive criticism of Sweden

The Julian Assange Case
Forfatter: Nils Melzer
Forlag: Carnival Publishers
ASSANGE: Bureaucratic co-criminals – this is how a new book by Nils Melzer describes Sweden's handling of Julian Assange. Swedish Stina Oscarson reviews – and is ashamed.


RED: With this review, which was published in Svenska Dagbladet Sunday 31 October, Stina Oscarsson broke the alarming, unison Swedish silence about the truth around Julian Assange. Oscarsson has recently been awarded the prestigious Freedom of Expression Prize Torgny Segersteds Ærespris. She supported the appeal for Julian Assange that MODERN TIMES promoted a year ago, aimed at the Swedish authorities and their collaboration with the British MI5 and CIA to gag Julian Assange. See www.netjulianfree.org and MODERN TIMES's appendix Orientering, 1/2001, with the theme «Notification», where the Norwegian press' unworthy treatment of Assange is also addressed.


There are two ways to destroy opponents in a democracy. Either you crush the opponent to death, which is the case. . .

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Stina Oscarson
Swedish playwright and cultural writer
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