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Can Digital ID Provide Inclusive Growth?

ID: Around one billion people lack legal proof of identity. Can digital ID help even out the differences in the world?

Co-author: MUMBAI and Olivia White

Worldwide, over 4 billion people have access to the Internet and spend an average of about six hours a day on Internet-based appliances and services. In Thailand and the Philippines, average daily usage is 9,5 hour, while in the United States, 26 percent of the population is connected to the internet "almost constant". Within 2022, another one billion people are expected to be Internet users. But as we embrace the digital world, navigating it in a safe, efficient and personal way is becoming increasingly complicated. A promising solution to the problems has already been implemented in some countries: electronic identification.

The benefits of electronic ID – the digital counterpart to physical identification. . .

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Madgavkar is a partner of the McKinsey Global Institute in India.

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