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Dictator country, hand in hand

China's grip on Africa tightens at record speed, while the country is blowing UN sanctions against African dictators and war criminals.


The Foreign Affairs Committee recently returned from a week-long trip to Japan and China. The China trip was the first after the Peace Prize award to regime critic Liu Xiaobo in 2010 and China's subsequent political boycott of Norway, which lasted until Christmas 2016. Then came a kind of normalization agreement, in which Norway pledged caution in the mention of China and the country's persistent human rights violations. Norway has followed up China's demands, and the agreement can therefore be said to have been successful.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was also on a successful official China visit in April 2017, which was concluded with a Norwegian invitation to China's President Xi Jinping. The then Storting President Olemic Thommesen was on a similar visit in January this year – with his Nordic colleagues – and a large university delegation was in China this spring. In addition, Norwegian salmon exports to China have more than doubled since January 2017.

Before the Foreign Affairs Committee left, the members met to discuss what matters they should. . .

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Halle Jørn Hanssen
Former Secretary General of Norwegian People's Aid, TV correspondent, politician and author.

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