The devil is in the system

There is no devil
Director: Mohammad rasoulof
(Germany / Iran / Czech Republic)

DEATH PENALTY: The Berlin winner There is no devil is a strong statement against Iran's state executions and a morally complex depiction of living in a totalitarian society.

The Iranian film director Mohammad Rasoulof has for several years met strong opposition from the home country's authorities, who have sentenced him to prison sentences as well as travel and work bans. Nevertheless, he regularly comes out with new movies. And where many other Iranian filmmakers have become masters of the art of suggestion and allegory, social criticism has become increasingly apparent in Rasoulof's films.

His films are usually selected for the world's most important festivals and have been awarded several prizes in Cannes . His latest feature film There is no devil, which is displayed digitally in the main competition on Film from the Sør festival before it is scheduled to have its regular cinema premiere in the new year, Gullbjørnen won the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year. Rasoulof himself could not be present at the festival, as he was also prevented from traveling to Film fra Sør three years ago.

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Alexander Huser
Huser is a regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.

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