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NYC EPICENTERS 911-> 2021½
Regissør: Spike Lee

911 / Spike Lee's documentary series, which now airs on HBONordic, is a comprehensive depiction of New York – interspersed with memories, stories and insights from eyewitnesses to the city's largest terrorist attack.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The series is now on HBO Nordic (4 episodes).

Like most Americans of a certain age – and people all over the world – I witnessed the surreal, catastrophic film-like events that unfolded on the television screens of September 11, 2001. Unlike most Americans, I sat in front of the television screen. min in Brooklyn. I watched my local NY1 News station as I did every morning, while getting ready for work – while I got the weather forecast (plenty of sunshine), updates of the subway (no major delays on the way to the city center) and politics (Mark Green looked set to become the next mayor of NYC). And then anchorman Pat Kiernan changed to an unlikely image – as if King Kong was standing on top of the Empire State Building. In other words, for me – as for other New Yorkers like Spike Lee, whose documentary series for HBO NYC EPICENTERS 9/11 -> 2021½ is both epic (7,5 hours!) and absolutely fantastic – was not 9/11 an international. . .

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