Dead and living metaphors

Kristin Fridtun's book on metaphors in Norwegian language debate joins a number of books on metaphors we have received in Norwegian over the past 20 years. Fridtun shows in an entertaining and educational way that different metaphors for language provide different thought possibilities: language can be perceived as organism, natural resource, system, building, tools or clothing. All of these metaphor systems have the basis that we "use tangible things in our surroundings to structure and understand the language". The exception is "system", which can be concrete, but often has a more abstract character.

We are talking about a "living, vital" language. Language can be a force of nature and flow like a river and water culture. Or we can perceive language as a clockwork, where all the wheels intertwine. It can also be a building we live in where we constantly carve together new expressions. Language is also an instrument we use to change the world – we grasp and understand the world through language. And we can choose between the expressions, as when we take on different. . .

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