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Deadly talc

Toxic Beaty
Regissør: Phyllis Ellis

COSMETICS INDUSTRY / Have you used skin care products today? The documentary film Toxic Beauty
will probably make you look a little closer at what they actually contain.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The consumer society is created by – and
for – the manufacturers of a basic product: soap. The commercials – and maybe
also the sponsored TV shows (think soap opera) – have convinced us that
if we are not shiny clean and odorless at all times, if the hair is gray,
the skin unmade up with all its flaws and shortcomings, no, then we are neither worthy of
to participate in working life or enter into marriage, nor to have love and
respect. Market forces have cynically exploited women's insecurity to sell
them soap, deodorant, toothpaste, hair dye, nail polish, cosmetics – and

Several players have been claiming for years that these products are actually toxic, and now it has been proven: Not only have women's lives been limited by forced insecurity, but it turns out that a number of the products we buy to fix their appearance actually contain toxic substances that can be carcinogenic. Manufacturers and the advertising industry have refused to inform consumers about the serious side effects of the products. For example, they deny that the products contain asbestos. As Barri Cohen, the documentary's producer, says: “If you asked researchers exactly how large a dose of chemicals from cigarettes must be before it causes cancer, none of them would be able to answer you, even though it has been many years since the health authorities ordered the manufacturers to print warnings on cigarette packets. " When it comes to skin care products, the manufacturers claim that although the products may contain toxic substances, it is in such small. . .

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Judy Wolfe is a consultant and publisher as well as responsible publisher for POV.

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