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Doomsday can be averted

The war is not between civilizations, but between interpretations.

[16. March 2007] When the Norwegian Muslim convert Anne Sofie Roald threw the hijab for the first time in 22 years, it was not because she rejected Islam. It was because she realized that it is possible to interpret religious rules in several ways. As she writes in the book Are Muslim Women Oppressed ?: The more knowledge she gained, the more nuanced her image of Islam.

"The read and adopted idea that 'Islam' is an immutable entity and that there is only one 'Islam' came to me when it became clear to me how the law had been structured," Roald writes. She is one of those who is most important to listen to when Islam is high on the agenda and the population is characterized by fear.

Too many are scared. About the change. . .

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