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The doomsday prophets become more numerous

An ever-increasing number of prominent US economists and investors are predicting an upcoming collapse in the world economy. 

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Business economist Alan Greenspan recently stated to US media: "We're running to a state of disaster." The statement is startling because it was Greenspan who started all the money printing when he was chairman of the US central bank board at the beginning of the 2000 century, and later let it explode. "We have a worldwide problem with a lack of productivity growth – it's not just about the United States, it's about the whole world," Greenspan said. In other words, this is an admission of the rare that should resonate with financiers, politicians and central banks. (Fox TV, 1. June 2016, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-31/alan-greenspan-were-running-state-disaster)

Warren Buffet, one of the world's best-known investors, warns of negative interest rates and tells US CNBC that he "must consider taking his money out of the bank". 

George Soros, one of the world's most successful and wealthy investors, is in the process of reallocating parts of its wealth. To broadcaster Bloomberg, Soros says: "Most of the money banks spend is needed to keep non-performing loans and loss-making businesses alive."

Jim Rogers, Former partner of George Soros and founder of Quantum Fund, one of the most successful investment companies in the United States, says to US TV channels: "There will be a collapse of biblical proportions. I imagine $ 68 billion disappearing overnight. It's crazy to think that printing money can save us. The politicians can't save us either, they are part of the problem. "

In the United States has money printing, quantitative easing and a zero-interest regime have led to a doubling of government debt since 2007. Investor legend Doug Casey believes the strategy of the US Central Bank is a disaster. In the preface to the book Casey Research's Handbook for Surviving the Coming Financial Crisis He writes: “Irresponsible measures have produced a lot of misalignment that ends in liquidation. This will lead to an economic disaster that is in many ways far worse than the Great Depression that began in 1929. Paper money will be annihilated, as they have been several times throughout history. ”

Another prominent economist and investor, Stanley Druckenmiller, said the following at the Sohn Conference for Investors earlier this year: "The US Federal Reserve is completely lost ... Negative interest rates are the worst strategy ever. Debt is and will be the elephant in the room. ”

The world's perhaps best known bond investor Bill Gross believes that the time when central banks dominated the economy is soon over. The Bloomberg News news agency reports that Gross believes "the hour of settlement comes when central banks are no longer able to support the bubbles and investors are leaving the market".

Paul Craig Roberts, Former editor of the Wall Street Journal, believes the political and economic system in the United States and Europe is completely corrupt. "I don't know when, but we're very close to a total collapse of the entire economic system," he said in an interview published on the web portal King World News.

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul writes on his own blog: “Simple math shows that banks and financial institutions are going to collapse. The question is how long central banks and politicians can manipulate the market. ”

David Stockman, economist, former financial adviser to President Reagan and a regular contributor to news media such as Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC, sums it up in Mises Wire online magazine: a stock market crash that they created a Wall Street doomsday machine. ”

Hans Eirik Olav
Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

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