The drop that causes the cup to overflow

When an anonymous collective published a book entitled The insurrection that comes >(The coming uprising) in French in 2005, not many took note of the book and its analysis.

The global popular resistance to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 had quickly lost his breath. The invasion was made by those in power in the United States, Britain, Denmark, etc. a symbol of the democratic system that the United States and its allies would export to the Iraqi people. With the exception of the short-lived altar globalization movement, the period between the mid-1990s and up to 2008 was characterized by the absence of protests in the world in general and in the West in particular.

Of course, there were a few uprisings, such as the Paris suburbs in 2005, but they were usually short-lived explosions that were either quickly absorbed or served as exceptions – in an era of globalization and anti-terrorism, capital expansion and control. According to the analysis in The coming uprising however, it was only a matter of time before the uprisings would begin to break out again.

While the nation state's biopolitical quarantine policy empties life of political content.

Signs of the uprising

The invisible committee was right in its prediction. The time after 2008 has stood. . .

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