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The dream of Europe

The documentary Born in Syria allows us to get to know seven Syrian children and their different routes to and through Europe.



It should basically only be missing that a number of documentaries in recent times have dealt with both the war in Syria and the flow of refugees from this and other conflicts. As the undersigned has previously written about here in Ny Tid, last year's edition of the international documentary film festival in Thessaloniki devoted a separate program to films about the burning current refugee situation. And not least, Italian Gianfranco Rosi has received much and well-deserved attention – including the Golden Bear in Berlin and most recently also an Oscar nomination – for his quiet and at the same time powerful film The sea is burning, which also got cinema distribution here in Norway. This documentary portrays the small and somewhat sleepy local community on the island of Lampedusa, which is the first stop in Europe for many of the people who have taken the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, but little to the refugee's individual stories.

Children's stories. However, so does the Danish- and Spanish-produced documentary Born in Syria, which will be shown at the Human Rights Film Festival Human Rights Human Wrongs in Oslo this month. Of the estimated 11 millions of people who have fled Syria since the civil war broke out in 2011, about half are reported to be children. Argentine filmmaker Hernán Zin has followed seven of these minor refugees for one year, in a film that thus bears some obvious resemblance to This is Exile: Diaries of Child Refugees (which was mentioned here in the newspaper in connection with it being shown during last year's...

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Aleksander Huser
Huser is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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