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Drone Dilla

Civil society must take ownership of the drone technology, says Anders Eiebakke, current with the exhibition Drones coming! 


Since the use of flying drones in military operations became widely known in the mid-2000s, artists have been attracted to this technology that makes it possible to disconnect the gaze from the body and see the world from the perspective of an all-seeing eye. Drones are the common name for unmanned, remote-controlled or self-guided aircraft, and the technology has mainly been used for military surveillance and precision bombing. In recent years, there has also been a marked increase in interest in drones for civilian, commercial use. According to Klassekampen, 35 drones have been sold in Norway since 000. There are many uses for civilian life: from the film industry to rescue operations and monitoring of national parks. The most euphoric technology advocates have described a future where everything from mailings from companies like Amazon and DHL to take-away pizza will come via the air.

So far, however, the artistic and documentary treatments of drones have been mainly military. . .

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