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Drones: A small piece of Norway

The threshold for killing someone is less when you do not have to see the one you kill. New leaks have revealed the brutality of the US drone program.

Military drones – driverless aircraft – have increasingly become America's preferred weapon in the fight against suspected Al Qaeda members. In April, Motherboard Radio released the documentary Dawn of the Killer Robots, where they interview the Pakistani boy Zubair Rehman. He was injured in a US drone attack, and even describes the course of events as follows: "Suddenly I saw a drone, and I heard a sound: 'Dam, dam.' Then I saw two rockets coming towards us. They knocked down right in front of us, right where my grandmother was standing. I later learned that the rockets tore her to shreds. " Rehman also describes what we know is the practice of sending a new rocket attack immediately after the first – something that is probably done to kill those who come running for. . .

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