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"You are my creator, but I am your lord – obey!"

FRANKENSTEIN: About killer drones, artificial intelligence and Frankenstein. It has become easier to fight – and more dangerous. If, or when, the machines themselves take over, humanity may suddenly be on the wrong side of the table.


Condorcet writes in Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind (1795): «A chemist who mixed combustible material with nitrates, discovered the secret of the powder that has brought such an unexpected revolution in the art of war. Despite the cruel effects of firearms in terms of breaking up an army, they have made war less murderous and the fighters less brutal. Military expeditions have become more expensive; wealth can outweigh strength; even the most belligerent people feel the need to procure and secure the resources of the campaigns by acquiring the riches of trade and crafts. Cultivated nations no longer have anything to fear from the barbaric tribes. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
Historian of ideas and regular critic in Ny Tid.

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