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Don't kill!

Why the KrF must vote this government out.


Almost a year ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Vatican at the conference Plans for a world without nuclear weapons and for full disarmament. It was good to hear Pope Frans's clear speech in this context, and I hoped he would be able to influence the rest of Christianity – and the world. Then Knut Arild Hareide comes with refreshing political play here at home and talks about solidarity, citizenship and other important values ​​that need to be given more space in our social planning – and it even in a situation where Norway is hardened by provocative NATO forces on giant exercise!

Can the Christian People's Party help us to counter the huge ongoing militarization? Can they help us so we don't have to see a grinning, naively complacent Prime Minister enjoying himself in military bridges? Can they help make Pope Frans's words ours ?:

"[E] t escalating arms race continues unabated, and the cost of developing and modernizing weapons, not just nuclear weapons, is a significant expense for individual countries. Thereby, the real priorities of our human family come second, such as the fight against poverty, the building of peace, projects in education, ecology and health, and the development of human rights […]. International relations cannot be held captive by military power, mutual threats and display of weapons stockpiles. Weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons, only create a false sense of security. They cannot form the basis of coexistence between members of our human family. ”(Speech at the Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, 7. December 2014.)

The fifth commandment

For it is probably the fifth commandment: "Thou shalt not kill." Killing is also prohibited in our judicial system, and Article Three of the Declaration of Human Rights states: "Everyone has the right to life...." not at war. Then it's suddenly legitimate to kill, and we're talking about "just war" or "holy war" and finding ways to demonize potential enemies so it can be easier to fight the moral turmoil in the mind. Future generations will not understand how we could maintain such a bestial system that we failed to "create peace by peaceful means," as the UN Charter states. It is high time to get rid of this old-fashioned, patriarchal thinking; time to criminalize war and get those who are war or threatening war, brought before international law.

The world spends more than 1700 billion a year on the military, which corresponds to 615's regular UN budget.

Are the Christian people also, almost by definition, interested in taking care of the creation? Accepting that the world spends more than 14 000 billion a year on the military, which is equivalent to 615's regular UN annual budget – is the opposite. This means that we do not have the resources to meet people's needs and interests. If 10 percent of annual military spending was used to realize the UN's sustainability goals, it would give us an opportunity to overcome poverty, illiteracy and major health challenges, as well as to reverse the looming climate and environmental degradation. Instead, we spend money on a military defense that cannot give us security for the threats that are hanging over us, but which simply make them worse. For weapons production, testing, storage and use in exercises and war, the military system is the world's largest environmental waste due to the use of natural resources and energy as well as carbon and other toxic emissions.

Sustainable development

Here, too, Pope Frans can lead the way. In his "environmental letter", Laudato Si ' ("Promised be you"), he declares: "[F] or people it is a sin to pollute the globe's water, earth, air and life. For 'committing a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and God'. "Such a holistic ecological thinking is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), which states in the introduction:" Sustainable development cannot be achieved without Peace and security, and peace and security are threatened without sustainable development. ”But military pollution has been kept out of both the Kyoto and Paris Accords, and secrecy makes research difficult.

Knut Arild, do you manage to show another, the way of the peace culture, and give us renewed belief that democratic and diplomatic solutions are possible? We are many who cheer on you during the day!

Ingeborg Breines
Ingeborg Breines
Breines is an adviser, former President of the International PEACE Bureau and former UNESCO Director.

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