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Dystopian Mafia Soup

The killing violence comes so close to us that it provokes physical discomfort. So does the dark basic theme of the film: The joy of undermining people's belief in the good in man.

Directed by Stefano Sollimas

NB! This movie review contains reveals of the film's action.

Stefano Sollimas Suburra is a different mafia movie – dark, dystopian and without hope. Evil has prevailed, and so the film is also without heroic policemen and righteous investigators who fight the good cause in the name of the law. That's how it has been.

The word suburra literally means "under the city", and is historically Rome's oldest slum. Here Julius Caesar grew up; here Christianity took root after his death; here are some of the oldest churches next door to the oldest brothels in the city. When I myself moved into Suburra in 1978, our street, Via dei Capocci, was divided between garages where stolen cars were sold, and brothels where new and regular customers came and went conveniently. . .

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Truls Øhra
Truls Øhra is the author. See review of his book The history of power in MODERN TIMES.

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