Ecological Economics and Utopian Laws

Jakobsen is a professor of ecological economy at the Center for Ecological Economics and Ethics at Bodø School of Business. Many have traveled to Bodø and come enthusiastic from there after gaining insight into basic organic philosophy and economics. But does Jakobsen get to hear from other economists – and in business? Maybe, maybe not.

An alternative thinker

The only valid goal of the economy is to operate the life processes of all kinds of social and ecological systems, Jakobsen writes. There is an assertion that more and more of us are now nodding in acknowledgment. It should only be missing, according to the Climate Panel's many reports and various studies on the loss of natural diversity. There may be grounds for claiming that it is going downhill, and that the economic system is strongly complicit in it.

The consolation then is that economic systems are made by us and. . .

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