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With the ego as goal and method

11.11.11.The story of the Danish playboy and the plot to smuggle Gaddafi's son to Mexico
Forfatter: Mads Brügger
Forlag: Lindhardt og Ringhof (Danmark)
11.11.11 is the story of a Danish businessman's possible participation in a very special smuggling story, but most of all, a story about I-journalist Mads Brügger. 

Journalism is – and probably has always been – a rather resilient profession. For some, the core performance of journalism is a constant quest for truth – to clarify special circumstances, to shed light on the hidden, to reveal the muddled and to bring essential knowledge to the public. Such journalists are often unemployed, tend to the work-dependent, and consider thoroughness a virtue. They navigate a strict moral compass, though they do not necessarily use the same compass in their privacy. But private life just remains private rather than being part of journalism.

In a completely different category, we find journalists who take a stand – who often become a core in their narrative. Journalists who both use themselves and allow themselves to be used – all perhaps for the sake of history, or perhaps just for. . .

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Steffen Moestrup
Permanent contributor to MODERN TIMES.

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