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Egypt: Homse marriage on the Nile

At a fashionable hotel overlooking the Nile, two gay Kuwaitis were forged in the anthem's links. As Kuwait forbids gay marriage, the men went to Egypt to be married. The wedding party consisted of gays from the Gulf and lasted until five in the morning.

Al Arabia.net writes that the event sets a precedent in Egypt and the Arab world.

Source: Al Arabia.net

Lebanon: Threatening Mom Restrictions

In the newspaper Al Hayat, Evon El Helo worries about the limitations of working life for Lebanese women: The mother of "Amal" asked her daughter to study mathematics to become a teacher. But Amal chose mechanical engineering at a university in Lebanon. Afterwards she got a job, fell in love and got married.

Before the first child arrived, she thought about how to combine the role of mother with the demanding job. Her mother wanted to help, and she could hire an Asian maid, but that would limit her. . .

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