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A warning to the enlightened consumer

The Green Lie
Regissør: Werner Boote

«They say I can save the world… The orangutans, the dolphins, the sea, the rainforest, and even humanity – all I have to do is buy sustainable and fair products. But that's a lie. "

Film director Werner Boote (known for the films) Plastic Planet og Everything Under Control) and Kathrin Hartmann, environmentalist and sustainability expert, have made documentaries together. The Green Lie reveals the bitter truth behind "environmentally smart consumption", and points to ethical consumption as the latest in brainwashing: "greenwashing". The film is funded by the Austrian Film Institute, the Vienna Film Fund and the Austrian public broadcaster, ORF. With its human first-person narrative, it addresses both the art film audience and the majority of. . .

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Melita Zajc
Zajc is a media writer, researcher and film critic. She lives and works in Slovenia, Italy and Africa.

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