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An alternative public

The Chto Delat collective crosses the boundary between theater and academia, between aristocracy and proletariat, between you and me – and shows in practice that the absurd staged is the reality for many Russians.

“And at the bottom, along with animals and the dead, are prostitutes, people who are held captive to work; they are the new, large underclass. Below us in the working class, "says Oxana Timofeeva. The Russian scientist and philosopher is sitting at a table in a small living room in a small house on a small island in the Inner Oslo Fjord. In front of her, Artimo Magun folds her arms over her chest and says in unison: "How can you say 'us' in the working class?" He is the rector of the Department of Political Studies at the University of St. Petersburg, and he sounds angry. "You are not part of the working class." . .

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