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A caricature of China

The new Cold War. USA against China
Forfatter: Jan Arild Snoen
Forlag: Dreyers forlag, (Oslo)
USA / CHINA / The elephant in space is the United States' Cold War against China. Jan Arild Snoen's China book is a political pamphlet or insult out of step with the world.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The twist begins with a little Chinastory because he says it's so important to understand China's background. Along the way, he is told that Western colonialism on Chinese territory was not so bad…

Then follow chapters that the party decides alt – then a little about cultural genocide in Xinjiang and since that China's enormous development and growth is coming to an end Fordi the population of the country is getting more gray, the income gaps are huge; the education system is partly good but mostly bad; China's debt is huge; and that its large investments in infrastructure such as high-speed trains are unprofitable and open to corruption.

And there are, according to Snoen, other reasons why China will never get on the side of the United States: The new Silk Roads are imperialist and also unprofitable, a way of building an empire; Taiwan is an unresolved issue that the US / West must support; and finally, China's military will soon be as large as NATO's.

China must be boycotted

Snoen is pleased that the whole world – as he sees it – has taken a more negative attitude towards China in recent years and concludes that China is a dictatorship, a global bully state that does not deserve our respect. Rather, everything called China must be boycotted. Norway has shamefully submitted to China's dictation in the aftermath of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.

Lack of self- and source criticism as well as one-sidedness are my diplomatic. . .

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Jan Øberg
Oberg is director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Futures Studies, TFF, Lund https://transnational.live

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