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A cathedral thinking – for the future

The world of cities, Take back the city
ENVIRONMENT / We are on a collision course with both natural and social capital, globally, what former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called a global suicide pact. Well, we have to build a new future stone by stone – knowing that we will not see the result ourselves.

50 years of strong economic growth ("the big acceleration") have brought us to a world in which we had 1,4 planets at our disposal. On March 26 this year, the Danes had exhausted what they can afford throughout 2021 if consumption is to be sustainable. And out of nine themes for what boundaries there are for the planet's development, the four have exceeded the planet's boundaries (climate, biodiversity, the conditions for growing crops, biogeochemical processes).

Extensive regenerative healing is needed. Simply implementing sustainable development is not enough. CO2 neutrality. . .

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Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen
Juhl-Nielsen resides in Copenhagen.

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