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A female imam is struggling to create a collective

Regissør: Marie Skovgaard

MARIAM MOSQUE: In 2015, the Syrian-Finnish Dane Sherin Khankan decided to start a women-led mosque in Copenhagen. Instructor Marie Skovgaard has followed her struggle between personal vision and the challenges of creating community.


"Do not burn any bridges" is a difficult slogan to work from when one's vision is to create a female-led mosque. Probably everywhere in the world, but not least in Denmark, as the Syrian-Finnish Dane Sherin Khankan set out to do in 2015. With a small group of (more or less) like-minded Muslims – men and women – and with a donated apartment from a soulmate in the art of creating touch, the Mariam Mosque became a reality in 2016. Director Marie Skovgaard has followed Sherin Khankan closely through the process, and the latest footage is from December last year. That a mosque with female imams would create backlash in many places from , was predictable. On the one hand, there are Muslims who want to protest against women. . .

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Nina Trige Andersen
Trige Andersen is a freelance journalist and historian.

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