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A woman's journey through time

Woman Through the Ages
Forfatter: Ann Merivale Forlag: John Hunt
Forlag: Publishing, (Storbritannia)

Ann Merivale takes us on a very personal and spiritual journey through time in her latest book Woman Through the Ages. The author is a "Deep Memory Process" therapist and claims she can travel back to past lives while awake. It was her former teacher, Roger Woolger (1944–2011), a Jungian psychotherapist, who developed regression therapy in his practice. He believed that the patients could most easily come to terms with their recurring problems by reliving traumas from previous lives.

Woman Through the Ages follows a number of previous books Merivale has written about reincarnation, but she writes that this time "I promised myself that I would cover every possible aspect of being a woman". She takes us through several historical eras when she visiting their previous lives from prehistoric times up to our own century, which means that the book will also be well over 700 pages long.

The predefined roles

Merivale also switches roles and genders. Sometimes she lives as a victim, while in other lives she can be a ruthless "Thatcher-like" ruler, . . .

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