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An obedient NATO lackey

Central Norway is preparing to welcome 40 000 soldiers and the comprehensive NATO exercise Trident Juncture, which starts in October. What if we could get an equally gigantic peace exercise?

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In 1947, the US Department of War was renamed the Department of Defense. It sounded more decent when the great power was to tie Europe closer – both militarily and economically. Marshall Aid and NATO were twins, says Werner Rügemer, a German journalist and philosopher, calling the Defense Alliance "a product of American expansion."

During World War II, the Russians were our allies. The fighting cost the Soviet Union dearly, much had to be rebuilt afterwards. US Chief of Staff George F. Kennan spoke to deaf ears at home: "The men of the Kremlin are wise tyrants who do not want to risk their inner power through military adventures abroad." So NATO was not necessary. The organization was nonetheless established in 1947, on the initiative of the United States.


In the 90 century, both the Soviet and the Warsaw Pact (1955-91) disintegrated. The need for a common, western defense fell away, but NATO's mobilization increased. Today's Russia cannot be compared to the USSR, either in terms of size or position. 13 of 29 member countries are former Eastern bloc nations, and NATO bases are like a belt close to the Russian border, where major military exercises are frequent. Provocative? Not at all, according to Erna and Ina. "The Russians have no reason to feel threatened," and "base politics is firm". The monkey is just that avspenning stands in sharp contrast to deterrence, and that today's expansion leads to a race in disarmament.

Peace provides poor profitability for the weapons industry.

Not one of the wars waged by NATO is about attacks on alliance countries. We would never have thought of fighting one meaningless battle after another in countries far away completely by ourselves. The carnage takes place under US leadership and is about military and economic power, control over resources. The United States remains untouched, avoiding fears and devastation, while Europe must cope with refugees in droves.

Should we support more US militarization? The US has consolidated its position thanks to obedient NATO lackeys. 800 US military bases have been established around the world, now also in Norway. NATO's military spending is a huge cash-out, and Trump swoops: "It is unfair that the United States has to pay so much," and we others have to shell out – at the expense of peace and welfare. But how reasonable is it that we have to pay for the mighty world power goals of the great power?


Peace provides poor profitability for the weapons industry, which feeds on vandalism and killings and is dependent on ongoing war and conflict. Without consequences for us, we bomb land to ruins – and profit well from the madness, as both the United States and Norway do. Today's irresponsible "security policy" increases the level of conflict on a climate-threatened globe, where military emissions are a burden hardly mentioned. The United States is a worst man in this way, and in addition has eliminated all climate responsibility. The cost of war is enormous, at a time when we need stability and solidarity. This is not about Trump, but about a long-term US strategy.

At the NATO Summit in Brussels in July, a colorful flock of 25 demonstrated 000. Five at twelve on the 11. July a nice bouquet met in front of the Storting. These are people who want to gather forces, in view of NATO's next war exercise, Trident Juncture: 40 000 soldiers to train against a militarily inferior Russia. Only when it comes to nuclear weapons is there equanimity, and such deterrence should lead us to believe we are safe? What if we could get an equally gigantic peace exercise?

The US has consolidated its position thanks to obedient NATO lackeys.

What creates unity and security? Where, of course, is our peace? Can we mobilize for reflection, action and multiple expressions, as well as protest trains and passwords? We must be many to make an impression, as well as to preserve the cooperation that arises along the way. We cannot sit down after showing opposition to NATO's next unwise military display of superiority. It will be marked in Trondheim 20. October and in Oslo 27. October. Follow the Facebook page "Action against NATO exercise Trident Juncture".

Kari Elisabet Svare
Svare is a member of Grandmothers for Peace.

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