A counterbalance to today's cruel lack of solidarity

Berardi's new book appears as a collection of hectic notes on the threshold of a new and dangerous time, which is sadly our own, but strikingly similar to the interwar wars' bleak series of insidious tendencies, a historical witch's kitchen where a ubiquitous chaos threatens the horizon. He points out that the experience of the chaotic world is not so much a result of ideological contradictions, but rather that each one has to process more and more information at an accelerating pace. The experience of chaos is partly a subjective effect, though the causes are objective. Historically, at the same time, we are in a historical period of wrestling: The relative order that has prevailed in the last 30 – 40 years, dominated by the liberal-capitalist world order, is about to burst.

Each one has to process more and more information at an accelerating pace.

As an anarcho-communist critic and activist, Berardi has interpreted his contemporaries continuously since he participated in the alternative labor movement in the 1970s. He has followed several chaotic and transitional periods: Not only the promising time of the '68 uprising towards the stagnation of the radical movement in the Thatcher era. He also closely followed the digital revolution, a time that was pregnant with alluring possibilities, but which is now closing in on monopolies. . .

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