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An eco-bible for our time

Healthy Planet. Global meltdown or global healing
Forfatter: Fred Hageneder
Forlag: Moon Books (Storbritannia)
THE PLANET / The three main problems of our time are the mass extinction of species, pollution and climate disturbances. Had it not been
for the author to have an overview of what can be done, and what is actually being done, this would be unbearable reading.

Actually, it's quite simple. When we poison agriculture by using chemicals, we also poison the insects, birds, animals and ourselves. When microplastics find their way to the ocean, they end up in our blood. When we poison the air, we breathe it in and get it in our lungs. It's that simple. Both common sense and research tell us this basic fact – that the earth's . . .

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Nina Ossavy
Ossavy is a stage artist and writer.

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