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A crazy world

Age of Anger – A History of the Present
Forfatter: Pankaj Mishra
Forlag: Forlag Allan Lane
You can't find a better guide to today's political landscape than Pankaj Mishra's latest book. 

How should we understand the political situation in the world today? Is it at all possible to get a proper overview?

Take, for example, the "angry white working class" that voted for Trump. These are people who have lost their jobs or have not had any wage growth since the 70s – unlike the urban elites. They are not alone. We see similar groupings at the bottom of political movements in Europe, led by populist politicians such as Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. In Poland and Hungary, we already have right-wing radicals in the lead, and Erdogan is pulling Turkey in an unmistakably despotic direction, in line with Putin's "tsarification" of Russia. In Myanmar, even Buddhists have started ethnic cleansing (who ...

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Kjetil Røed
Freelance writer.

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