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An ever-creeping feeling of loneliness

Forfatter: Daniel Schreiber
Forlag: Carl Hanser Verlag (Tyskland)
ISOLATION / Acute loneliness affects both winners and losers. Daniel Schreiber visits a wealth of hermit literature – such as Thoreau's Walden and Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. But what does social withdrawal mean today – whether it is the occupational or pandemic condition?

"We". This small, embracing personal pronoun is the first word in Daniel Schreiber's book – a book about being alone and feeling alone. Two different concepts. "We" – the author with his good friends – sit in a beautiful garden, drink coffee and enjoy the late summer sun. The 44-year-old lives a successful writer's life.

It should be mentioned that Schreiber is also a man who has struggled with his homosexuality, his changing relationships, his mental barriers. All in all, one would think, a perfect starting point for evaluating being alone. . .

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Ranveig Eckhoff
Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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