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A technological totalitarianism

La Tercera Guerra Mundial ya está aquí ("The Third World War is already here")
SPAIN / : The Spanish writer Cristina Martín Jiménez illuminates how our supreme freedom, the freedom of thought, is under attack, because the great majority still believe in authority. This weakens our awareness, our critical sense and inner rebel.

If the Spanish writer and journalist, Cristina Martín Jiménez, is to be believed, then we are already in the middle of a "third world war". One, where the military is not at the fore but rather the power struggles of the elites to control the citizens via fear and manipulation and censorship.

Her new book The Third World War ("Third World War is already here") illuminates a world where future conflicts and power struggles are already underway. According to Jiménez, the pandemic was only part of this global power struggle for the soul and consciousness of the population. According to the author, the pandemic showed the weaknesses of the economic, social, sanitary and political systems.

Cristina Martin Jimenez

Transnational elites

The book circles around the fact that the vast majority of the world's population is not aware that we are all under attack from transnational elites from the financial, technological and political sectors. Our highest freedom, freedom of thought, is under attack because the vast majority still believe in authority and believe that their national government is philanthropic and works to improve the standard of living for all citizens.

The book's point is that this "third world war" is a constant digital and mental attack on all citizens' . . .

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