Aboozar Amini is behind filming, directing and scripting Kabul, City in the Wind . The film is a startling portrait of the lives of low-key people, living in a country whose name reminds us of war and misery. It is a poetic work, in which the protagonists are allowed to keep the word themselves. Amini's intention with the film, which is made with the support of Busan International Film Festival #, is to show that life must be lived anyway, as well as demystifying the rough, beautiful, proud and troubled country for an international audience.

Kabul, City in the Wind lives up to its name, with the dry, dusty wind in it Afghanistan as an ever-present player as the children entertain themselves with beating stones against old and rusty tanks left behind by Soviet Union forces (the tanks are still littering the capital's streets) and the poor bus driver Abbas is struggling to repair his unsteady bus.

Amini's handheld camera follows the sensational outings of the three sons of a cop, as well as the more troubled existence of Abbas. When the bus drivers and ticket holders talk to each other during the lunch break, the conversation revolves around the latest suicide bombing and how many were killed. But the "war on terror" is not in focus, it is mentioned. . .

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