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A reality that exists in parallel with the modern state

Mafia Politics
Forfatter: Marco Santoro
Forlag: Wiley (USA)
THE MAFIA / A new book explains why a political organization is more than a criminal network. It is a correct but dangerous thesis.

In April 2006, the mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano was arrested, after 40 years on the run. In the summer of 2006, in the wake of the arrest of Provenzano, many mafia cells were rolled up in Palermo and a number of small and big mafia leaders were arrested.

That same summer I moved to Italy. To learn the language, I pored over the newspapers almost every day, and some of the news from Sicily I remember better than others. One was a picture of policemen placing a mafia boss in a police car surrounded by a large crowd. In the middle of the crowd, a lady held up a placard saying "GRAZIE" ("thank you").

The other piece of news I latched onto was an excerpt from a press conference in which the head of the police force behind the many arrests stated that "Lo stato c'è."

The Sicilians

"Lo stato c'è" means "the state exists", or "the state is here", a punctuation mark which in state-fixated Norway seems completely wasted – no one doubts that . . .

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